Author: Valerie Lioudis


Valerie Lioudis

Valerie is New Jersey born and bred. This has means that while she speaks English as her first language, Sarcasm is a close second. She is a afraid of most everything, and zombie books and movies help her hash out what she would do in survival scenarios.  She is a creative soul, that has interests in many things. Writing, is just one of her many loves, that also include, painting, crocheting, photography, singing, and of course, reading. As a parent to 7 children ranging from a newborn to teenagers, she is a master of multitasking. Parenting has help develop her sense of humor, and also the importance in her life for being prepared. Valerie has always valued the variety of experiences that can be gained by pursuing different activities, and being unafraid of new experiences. She is or has been a certified massage therapist, reiki master, balloon decorator, gorilla gram, studio photographer, pizza delivery driver, stay at home mom. Life has so much to offer, and she is always looking for the next big adventure! She currently lives with her husband Kristopher, co-author of the Aftershock Zombie Series, and their herd of kids.

Updates as of 7/22/2017

Valerie has had a great writing year so far. She won the flash fiction contest with her short story Reincarnation and used the prizes to publish The Many Afterlives of John Robert Thompson which is currently up on Kindle Scout. She has been accepted into 5 anthologies this year. Treasured Chests is an anthology that is being compiled by Marc Moore at Good Morning Zompoc and the proceeds with benefit a breast cancer charity. The 30 day collective ran an anthology contest with the theme The End, and Valerie wrote a story that won. She is working hard with The Reanimated Writers, not only to do weekly interviews with zombie fiction authors, but also spearheading the Reanimated Writers Undead World Anthology that will be released this fall with the works off 22 zombie fiction authors. She is also creating an anthology Mad Like Me that will benefit Vets with PTSD by matching them up with trained shelter dogs. With 20 plus authors, that one is shaping up to be quite a read. All this, and finishing up Aftershock book 2 with her husband Kristopher.


More information about her and her books can be found here:

Facebook Author Page

Goodreads Author Page


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