Working on Book Two and Jeremy

book cover2

Finishing book one of the Aftershock Series held a flood of emotions. Relief, joy, pride, and fear all hit me in on giant wave. That was December of 2014. Then it took me 5 months to wade through the nonsense of self publishing and marketing to finally see some momentum and excitement from the people we were hoping to reach when we first put pen to paper. Now it is April 2015 and I finally feel like I have a hold of where my beloved characters will be headed. There are many trials in their way,  and as with all things zombie, they will not all make it to book three.

Last night I finished one of the most cathartic chapters of my writing career. A long time friend recently passed away unexpectedly. Grief has always been a hard emotion for me to process. Soon after his passing, I knew I would be adding him to my cast of characters. Demons chased him in life, and while the book’s demons are more tangible and literal, it is very similar.  They both end up eating you alive. I only hope those who knew him will smile when they spot the real life references left in those pages.

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