Giving Back


Zombie Survival Basket

One of the best rules in life is to give more than you receive. I am always looking for a way to give back, or contribute in whatever way I can to the community we live in. This week I saw an internet shout out for donations of baskets filled with items to be auctioned for our local school. Well, our book has more than its share of profanity, so the first thing I did was email the coordinator to make sure they would actually want something from us.

Once I got the go ahead, Kristopher and I got to work on a Zombie Survival Basket. In it is a signed copy of Aftershock, a t-shirt with the book cover on it, an empty airtight ammo box, firestarter, headlamp, paracord, flashlight, American Flag patch, Altoids can first aid kit, and of course, duct tape. We were hoping this would be a great start for a person looking to set up a emergency kit.

This is a win-win for us. I get to give back to the greater good, and we get our name out in our own community. As indie authors, we have to be extra creative when it comes to sharing our work with the world. I hope whoever wins not only enjoys the emergency stuff, but also the book!

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