Bookcrossing: Reading in the Wild.

Bookcrossing is a great way to reach people who are adventurous about their reading and how they acquire new books. Books are labeled with a number and logged into the bookcrossing website. It reminds me of the “Where’s George?” dollar bills. People find and read new books, review them and release them into the wild again for someone else to enjoy. While Kristopher and I reside in New Jersey, a close friend just took a trip to Utah. On her way home she had a layover at the Denver Airport, and released one of our books there. There couldn’t have been a better place to set the book free. I know if I forgot something to keep me occupied on a long flight I would go crazy!

We also added a little friend to travel along with the book. His name is Clippy.  He is a bookmark (clip) that has his own twitter name so we can see all the places the book will go. If you want to follow along with the book and Clippy, Here is the link to his page,

I can’t wait until their adventure really begins!

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