Mike Peirce #ReanimatedWriters Interviews

Mike’s Amazon Author Page

What are your published works, and what are you working on now?

I have two published books on Amazon from the “Red Dirt Zombie” series called “the Battle of Roswell Georgia” and “Grace Before Battle”.  I have the “Alice’s Posse” short in the “ATZ Chronology of the Apocalypse.”  Other published short stories:  “The Flower War” and “The Accidental Operator.”

I’m currently finishing up the third in the RDZ series called “Once I had a Comrade” while simultaneously working on “African Days Hollywood Nights” which chronicles the bizarre situations and people I encountered as young musician in Hollywood and later on fighting in an African War

What would you like new readers to know about you?

I’d want them to know that my work stands on its own.  I’m not plowing someone else’s field.  This is not about a few lucky survivors who happened to find a stash of ultra-cool weapons, and are now busily hunting for a can of beans.

This is war. And the people of the State of Georgia are playing to win.

Did you always want to be a writer?

It seems as if I always was a writer.

I’ve written everything from menu blurbs to Soldier of Fortune Magazine articles. I started writing early and when I got to Hollywood years ago I was fortunate to apprentice under a screenwriter.  I didn’t get rich but I learned a lot and it still influences how I write.

My biggest sin?  I took it for granted.

What was the biggest adventure of your life so far?

I can’t decide…one of these:

Africa – I arrived there with roughly two bucks and nearly got deported.  I fought a war, was nearly trampled by a rhino and was stalked by a lion.

Hollywood – I had a whopping two hundred bucks when I got there and no idea how it worked but I dived right in.  I printed the “Phantom Bass Player” leaflet and personally delivered it to every music address in town. I ultimately recorded my own songs in Paramount Studies and had a blast.

If Zompoc were to happen tomorrow, are you prepared? 

Yes.  I understand my role.

What 3 things do you believe eveyone needs for a survival situation?

Firearms, food and a team.  You really don’t want close quarter fighting with animated human corpses…so you must shoot ‘em from a distance.  Obviously you have to eat and if you don’t have a team, a family group or something, a) you’re dead, or b) you’re lonely which is much like being dead.

Who would you want with you?

My old pals from the army because they value my life as much as I value theirs.  And they know how to dance.

If you had to put 2 books in your bug out bag, what would they be?

Bible – God’s Word

Reveille – a personal favorite, stories of cavalrymen, honor and a different time.  John Ford did three westerns based on these stories.

What would you miss if we were thrown back into the Dark Ages?

Computer, electric bass guitar, antibiotics, hot water and electricity, off the top of my head.

What is one surprising fact about you?

When I first got to Los Angeles I pretended to be a carpenter and got a job working on the set of a very cheesy movie called “The Meat Eater.”

My only tools were my incompetence, a KaBar knife and a hammer.  It was enough.

This producer asked me where I lived.  “Not far from here,” I replied. Indeed, I’d parked the car I was sleeping in about two blocks down.

This was a bizarre gig in some ways.  They used ground meat to construct victims of the monster.  At lunch time, we had hamburgers…


Mike’s Amazon Author Page

Mike’s Facebook Author Page

Web Site: www.MikePeirceAuthor.com  (being upgraded now)

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