The Search for Beta Readers


****Looking for Beta Readers****

What is a beta reader you ask? Well, a beta reader reads an advanced copy of a book and offers their opinion on the content. They are not being asked to edit the book, that is what editors are for, and I already have the most amazing on one the world ripping through the manuscript to clean up all of my grammatical and spelling errors. Beta readers are really there to see if a book makes sense and is an enjoyable read. They are not there to blow sunshine up an authors butt, but to offer constructive advice.

Book: The Many Afterlives of John Robert Thompson

Length: Right around 50,000 words.

Genre: Literary Fiction / Metaphysical Fiction


Death. No one really wants to think about it and John Robert Thompson was no exception to this. Sadly, though, he will die. And whether he likes it or not, he will end up somewhere. That brings us to the question at hand. What does any of that have to do with this book? Well, this book is full of the possibilities of what the great beyond might be, and how each look through his eyes. So, sit back and enjoy, for you might not die today, but John Robert Thompson surely will.


List of questions needed answered after manuscript is read.

Does any part of the story drag?
Are there parts that you skipped to get to ‘the good part’?
Do I over-inform (info-dump) anywhere?
Did you understand every phrase / term I used?
Does one scene lead logically into the next?
Do the scenes flow smoothly from one action to the next, or did they jump as though something was skipped?
Is there enough downtime between intense scenes to allow it to build to the next?
Can you see every action clearly while reading?
If you went there in real life, would you recognize the places?
Did you have to reread any part of the action sequences to understand who was doing what?
Does the Dialogue sound realistic for the individual characters?
Could you see what the characters were doing while talking?
Could you see where the characters were while talking?
Could you see what each character looked like clearly?
Do their actions and reactions seem logical and realistic?
Could you feel the emotions between the characters?
Does the story stay focused on my main character?
Were any of my characters too much of a jerk or too aggressive?
Were any of my characters whiny, wimpy, or overly dramatic?
Are any of my characters too stereotypical?
Who did you like best and WHY?
Who did you hate and WHY?
Who got on your nerves and WHY?
Do any of the characters get in the way of the STORY?

List lifted from Goodreads Beta Reader Thread  *** Reader Checklist

If interested please email subject: Beta Reader


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