Chris Philbrook #ReanimatedWriters Interview

What are your published works, and what are you working on now?

I’ve currently got a metric buttload of released titles. I have 8 books released in the zompoc series Adrian’s Undead Diary, as well as three more titles in the Tales series, which are anthologies and novellas set in the AUD world. I also have a dark fantasy/steampunk series out called The Kinless Trilogy, as well as two books in my urban fantasy Reemergence series. Add to that some short story collections, and I think the released total is something like eighteen titles.

What would you like new readers to know about you?

 If someone was just hearing about me for the first time, I’d hope that they were hearing I was a fun person to meet. That failing, I’d hope they knew I was a decent writer, and was able to provide for my family making stuff up for a living.

Did you always want to be a writer?

I always wanted to write. I loved telling stories, and playing role playing games, but never took the plunge into trying to write until much later in life. Even now I’m not sure I’m a ‘writer.’ That feels like something I’m still trying to figure out.

What was the biggest adventure of your life so far?

 I’d say the biggest adventure of my life was a business trip I took to Arkansas when I was 19. I had never left New England, and more or less took a job offer at the drop of a hat just to see a new part of the world. I loved Little Rock and most of the people I met down there, and it started a love affair with traveling.

If Zompoc were to happen tomorrow, are you prepared? 

 I am more or less prepared for the zombie apocalypse. We’ve got guns, food, water, clothes, and live in a rural area that’s fairly defensible. I wouldn’t be too worried for a good long time were it to start tonight.

What 3 things do you believe eveyone needs for a survival situation?

On my list of things people would need for a survival situation are; a sharp knife or leather man, clean water or something that will filter it for you, and a decent pair of shoes.

Who would you want with you?

I couldn’t live without my wife and daughter if society collapsed. If I had time to prepare and invite people in, my closest friends are all so important to me. Each also bring a useful skill set to the table, and we’d all be the better for it if we were together.

If you had to put 2 books in your bug out bag, what would they be?

 If I had to bring 2 books, and 2 books only with me, I’d want the Physician’s Desk Reference (PDR) and a copy of How to Eat in the Woods. Because the hospital and grocery stores aren’t going to be in business for a good long time after it all goes does.

What would you miss if we were thrown back into the Dark Ages?

 I would miss hot showers. I love hot showers. I take one every day, and as soon as I miss one or two now, I get cranky, and whine a lot. I would probably survive, but I would be unhappy about it.

What is one surprising fact about you?

 I think most people are surprised when they realize that I have had such violent jobs in the past, yet am totally not aggressive or intimidating. I’m soft spoken, and laugh and smile, and then when folks hear all the craziness I’ve experienced, they definitely do a double take. I’ll take it.




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