How Marketing Has Transformed Through Time

When you think about marketing, what comes to mind? To me, I think about digital marketing, or in short, social media. Twitter, Instagram, even Snapchat is filled with marketing techniques by various companies nowadays. It is almost easy for someone to make a career out of digital marketing – it is open to pretty much anyone since most have social media accounts. It seems that if you have followers, you can promote an item or company and that is just ‘normal,’ but actually, this is all very recent in the scheme of things. Marketing has transformed drastically over the past few years and it is so interesting to me to see how things have changed. Take a quick glance with me:



The start —


Let’s rewind to a time where internet did not even exist. Nobody has cell phones and TV promotion really wasn’t ‘a thing.’ What is left? Paper. Newspapers, magazines, billboards, and word of mouth were the main ways to market your business or product, but the telegraph was also used for mass messages, which really surprised me – cold calling actually began in the mid-1900’s!


The idea of marketing originally started during the Industrial Revolution, which took place from the 18th to 19th centuries. According to (link above), “The Industrial Revolution, which took place from the 18th to 19th centuries, was a period during which predominantly agrarian, rural societies in Europe and America became industrial and urban.” This time was when companies started mass-producing and began caring more about the quantity versus the quality of their items.


With companies creating items so quickly, the competition began to increase and the need for marketing products arose. Each company had to convince the consumer that their products were better than other companies products. This was all by word of mouth – nobody really had their own ‘brand,’ so everything was through word of mouth, but this quickly changed. Companies soon began creating their ‘brand,’ which is something that we still see today. This allowed them to advertise in magazines and newspapers and people would recognize the brand, which led to increased sales. This is called strategic branding and like I mentioned, all companies still use this tactic today. Back in the day when it first started, it was optional, but imagine not having a brand today. Would you succeed at all?


Somewhere along the way, tabloid magazines and specialized magazines were created and this led to marketing in entertainment. If you can sneak an advertisement in a ‘fun’ or entertaining magazine, you were doing it the smart way.


The radio and TV became more popular, and this was the start of ‘digital’ marketing. This is also the start of celebrity led advertisements in commercials. Digital marketing sure has changed a lot in the recent years. TV and radio advertisements and commercials are still around and just as popular today, but when internet marketing entered the picture, everything changed for good.



Now —


Right around the 2000’s is when marketing really shifted over to (mostly) digital marketing. TV and radio advertising was already very popular, but the internet began to take over. Search engines Like Google, Bing, and Yahoo were created, creating a new marketing platform (which was not realized at the time of creation).


Many blogs were created and they automatically hit the road running. They became very popular, but still, no one thought about advertising on them. Once social media developed into what it is today (right around the early 2000’s), advertising slowly became popular on social channels and blogs. Now, if you own a blog, you have the ability to actually earn an income just from advertisements on your website. There are Youtubers, Beauty bloggers, Social media guru’s, and more.


Since marketing has changed so much over time already, we know that it will continue to grow and change as time goes on and that is why it is so very important to stay up to date with the latest marketing trends if you own a business or run a blog. If you don’t know where to start and are not knowledgeable about marketing or SEO, it’s useful to hire someone that can help.


This is where Matt Anton and his team at NJ SEO enter. If you are in search of SEO services NJ, definitely check out their website. They are the #1 marketing agency in New Jersey and are highly experienced in social media marketing, advanced web analytics, content strategy, SEO, PPC, email marketing, and more. “Our NJ experts pride ourselves on delivering compelling, digital marketing solutions to growing businesses in New Jersey. Our winning solutions and experiences help many of our clients interact and engage with their customers in the best possible way.”


NJ SEO has over 100+ reviews and recommendations since 2006, you can see them on their website and on Google. They put their clients first and it shows through their recommendations and also through the way they run their business. For example, they do not have a typical 9-5 day. Instead, they are constantly talking and working with their clients in order to give quality service that their customers deserve. Now that is amazing service. NJ SEO offers a free SEO analysis, which is a $300 value, and will provide a free estimate for your marketing needs.




Matt Anton runs the New Jersey branch of NJ SEO and is the former online marketing manager of Liberty Travel, where he was responsible for managing a 250k budget each month. He was cited as an SEO expert, cited by Moz, and also listed in the top 62 local SEO marketers here. All of these facts and citations prove that Matt Anton and NJ SEO will lead you and your business (or website) to success so that you can win the battle of the constantly changing SEO and marketing practices!

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