Undead Worlds #ReanimatedWriters Interview

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Undead Worlds will go live on October 10th!

I asked the Undead Worlds authors some questions. Here are a few of the best answers.


What is the scariest thing you have ever done?

“Publishing Safe Haven.”  Christopher Artinian

“Probably taking the plunge and publishing my first book! The words in my novels are personal and priceless, even if most of its fabricated, but the thought of someone not liking them is terrifying. Of course, I know not everyone is going to like every book out there, people have their own tastes, but some people can be cruel. That’s not something anyone wants to hear.”  Jessica Gomez

“Skydiving – I was coaxed into saying yes (as it was #1 on my bucket list at the time) and was terrified about the upcoming experience every time I thought about it. It was only on the day of the dive that I was in a zen-like state.” Charles Ingersoll

“I have two answers. One is something I did not choose and that was having brain surgery. I have a condition called Chiari Malformation. I had decompression brain surgery in 2009. Those with Chiari joke we have a zipper on our head due the staple scar. Vaxxers has Chiari in it. It is what leads to the genetic tampering that creates the Flesh Fallers. Ok, for something I chose to do, the scariest thing I’ve done is group bungee jumping. I love heights. Falling from them is intense! It was amazing, but I will never do it again, haha!” Brea Behn

“Prevented a suicide (barely)” David Simpson

“For me, it was the scariest and best thing I ever did, I just didn’t know it at the time. After my divorce, I moved with my (at the time) five kids out of my hometown to a new place. It was just me and them, and I was petrified to go at it alone. I was married at 18, and only new life as part of that couple. Now, I was going at it alone and in an unfamiliar place. It worked out for the best though. It gave me the push I needed to make my life what I wanted it to be, and not just get by.”  Valerie Lioudis

“Scariest thing was a presentation to 4 VP’S and a couple directors at work.” T.D. Ricketts

What unpopular opinion do you have?

“Forrest Gump was a truly awful film.” Christopher Artinian author of the Safe Haven books.

“I wear socks with my sandals.” Grivante

“Z Nation is better than the Walking Dead.” Valerie Lioudis

“Ball sports are dumb.” David Simpson

“I don’t like chocolate. I like vanilla and white chocolate. This is because I was a twin. To be symbiotic, we would have opposite likes growing up. He liked chocolate, so I like vanilla. No fighting over the last chocolate piece in our house.” Brea Behn

“Hunting vs vegan. So many.” T.D. Ricketts

What is number 1 on your bucket list?

“Becoming immortal, and not needing a bucket list.” Christopher Artinian

“Go to outer space” David Simpson

“I’d love to skydive! My husband fears heights. We don’t do anything that involved elevation. I’ve never been on a plane! But I’ve always thought it’d be a massive rush to jump out of a plane!” Jessica Gomez

“Travel to since I have already skydived… I would love to travel to Europe and the U.K.” Charles Ingersoll

“Finish this book.” T.D. Ricketts

“Become a best selling author.” Valerie Lioudis

“Taking my kids on a big vacation. We plan on taking them to Lego Land in Florida next winter. Pretty soon they will be teens and not want to go with us anywhere!” Brea Behn

What was your best Halloween costume ever?

“5th grade, my mom used movie make-up to put a giant scar across my face before school. This was back before everyone had access to it. It looked awesome and everybody loved it.” Grivante

“When I was five I entered a costume contest as MC Hammer. I was gonna be a vampire but my nephew didn’t give me my costume before the contest (his two years older than me, so he was trusted with the task of getting me dressed) but I had to go on stage anyway.
When I was a kid I was idolized Hammer and dressed like him in my day to day life 😝 so it worked out, I didn’t win but it was still fun.” Sylvester Barzey

“It was quite a few years back and our friends wouldn’t let us into their party without a costume. I’d already taken part in one too many drinks, so I didn’t want to think much about it. I told my husband to grab the tinfoil and wrap me in it from head to toe. He looks at me funny, but did as I asked. When he finished, he asked, “Are you the tin man?” The sad part is, that didn’t even cross my mind. I told him, “No, I’m going as a leftover!” He’s not let me live it down yet!” Jessica Gomez

“Little old man with a large “tool”.” T.D. Ricketts

“Never had a Halloween costume.” Christopher Artinian 

“One year I was the Empire State building. It was either 7th or 8th grade. I spent a week cutting and painting the thing in my garage. I attached a paper airplane to the top, and a monkey trying to know it out of the sky. I won first place with that sucker, and was damn proud of it!” Valerie Lioudis

empire state building

“Probably this years! I’m dressing up as Bellatrix Lestrange. I am making the costume myself and my mom is stenciling her neck tattoo on for me. My kids are Harry Potter and Hermione Granger of course. I can’t wait. Halloween is my favorite holiday!” Brea Behn

“Ms. Marvel – as my favorite comic character, I decided to go to the New York Comic Con (and faced 10s of thousands of other patrons) as her! It was an awesome experience!” Charles Ingersoll

What other Undead Worlds story are you looking forward to reading?

“All of them. There are some great writers in this book.” Christopher Artinian

“Honestly, ALL of them. I’ve only read handfuls of each authors works and have enjoyed what I’ve read so far, so I can’t wait to get time to finish reading everyone’s stories. I’ve already told myself that when this last push is over for the release, I’d take time and read at least 3 books. Undead Worlds is already on the PreOrder list.” Jessica Gomez

“All of them. There are so many great writers in this book, some I’ve read that I can’t wait to read more of and others that I’m excited to get my first chance to enjoy them.” Grivante

“All of them! It will be the perfect Halloween book. I am very honored to be a part of it. Especially with some of the best known authors of the genre.” Brea Behn

“All of them! Adrienne Lector’s. I was lucky enough to read a couple others before they were finalized.” T.D. Ricketts

“Evacuation by Adrienne Lecter and Alone Together by David Simpson” Charles Ingersoll

“I am the luckiest one of them all. I already got to read them all. I even got to put them in order. I am so proud of the work everyone has put into this project. I know readers are really going to love each one!” Valerie Lioudis

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