5 Stupid Things You Will Miss At The End Of The World

Zombie Crawl

Zombies are shuffling around your town and all you can think about is all those stupid things you took for granted back when the world wasn’t filled with flesh eating monsters hell bent on devouring you. This post isn’t about survival gear, or the most important features of the modern world that I would miss if everything collapsed. It is my everyday items that make me happy list.

Here are the 5 stupid things I would miss if zombies took over the world.


McDonald’s Sweet Tea

Those that know me know I have a serious addiction to iced tea. So much so that when I made the switch from sweet tea to unsweetened iced tea all the workers at the local McDonald’s made a point to ask me what happened. I might become a zombie killing machine just to get ice back in my drinks.



Okay, up until a few months ago I would have said Netflix, but then they got rid of the first few seasons of Futurama and seriously limited my episode list to fall asleep to. Then Hulu came along like a white knight and has saved my sanity. So, Hulu, I would miss you most!


Mindless Puzzle Apps

I have an overactive brain. It is hard for me to shut it down. Well, it used to be hard for me to shut it down. Now, I can crush gems, candies, or bow-ties for 10 or 15 minutes to hit reset on my mind. Zombies would really cut into my mindless app playing. What a bummer.



Sure the world would become one big creep-fest if zombies started gnawing on all our neighbors, but would they give you free candy once a year? No, they would not.

comic con

Comic Cons

Speaking of Halloween and dressing up, why not have Halloween that never ends with people who put real effort into their outfits. Comic Cons bring out the best of the best when it comes to cosplay, and I love nothing more than to see what someone with talent and imagination can do. I am pretty sure that zombies will end cosplaying, but who knows, maybe they will design the best protective suits.

So, there it is, my list of 5 stupid things I would miss if the SHTF. Leave your five in the comments below. I can’t wait to hear what stupid things everyone else really doesn’t want to live without.

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