Michael Peirce Bonus Zombie Crawl Post 2017

Zombie Crawl

Now, a bit of bonus writing by our own Michael Peirce. Enjoy!


Carlton drove across the gravel in the desolate compound.  There had been a mining just getting set up there but the place had been abandoned shortly after work started.  It had taken him more time than usual to get past the three locks with which the front gate was secured.  It would be dark soon and he did not want to be there after dark.

    There were piles of rubble, broken down mining equipment, trash and even a few abandoned vehicles.  The entire site was surrounded by a chain link fence festooned with ‘No Trespassing’ signs.

    Amidst the clutter he spotted the little shack that was his objective.

    He drove up to within twenty feet of the shack, picked up the carrier in which he had a kitten, and walked on over.  Carlton knew he should be frightened but he wasn’t.  There were times when that worried him, when he stopped to consider that.

    His was a sort of blank personality that kept him calm and focused.  He also knew that despite the substantial sums his employers paid him; they were not forgiving of failure.

   Carlton picked up several decent sized pebbles and approached the door of the shack.  He opened it a couple of inches then tossed the pebbles, one at a time into the shack. When a stone entered the rickety structure it seemed to wink out of existence.

    The kitten meowed plaintively.

     He opened the carrier and retrieved the kitten, stoking it a few times to calm it.  Then he tossed it in to the shack and it was gone.

    Carlton dialed a special number.  “It’s done.  I’ve located a new disposal site.”


Michael Peirce is one of the authors featured in The ReanimatedWriters Anthology Undead Worlds, and The Red Dirt Zombies Series


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