Sylvester Barzey #ReanimatedWriters Interview


What are your published works, and what are you working on?

I have a short story book out now called Terrifying Tales of Suspense as well as the first book in the Planet Dead series, Planet Dead: Bloodthirsty.

This fall I’ve been lucky enough to be apart of three horror anthologies due out in October, so I’ve been staying busy.

Right now I’m working on book two of The Planet Dead series as well as an exclusive novel for my mailing list letting my readers know a little bit more about Catherine’s boys.

If someone was just hearing about you for the first time what 1 thing would you want them to know?

I’m a cancer who enjoys long walks on the beach. Okay that was a lame joke, but I guess what I would like people to know is I’m a big horror nut, anything scary is for me and I’m big on representation and using characters in my stories that are underrepresented, like people of color, women, orange aliens, you name it.

Did you always want to be a writer?

I’ve always loved writing. Yet, it took a while for me to really decide that I wanted to be a writer.

It was always in the back of my mind but life happened. I joined the military, I had a family and I just didn’t think Writing was in the cards for me. Then I decided that there was never gonna be a right time and I was never gonna be ready. So I opened up my laptop and sat down to finish my first book.

A lot of rewrites, a few podcast and I was published but I’m still learning.

What has been the biggest adventure of your life?

By far it has to be, becoming a dad. My son is both my brightest star and my biggest migraine.

It’s crazy to watch him grow and distract me from my writing. Shaping him and building a legacy for him is by far the biggest and scariest adventure I’ve been on, haha even bigger than my deployment with the Army.

If a  zombie apocalypse were to happen tomorrow would you be prepared?

I would love to say I’m 100% ready haha but I’m far from it. I keep telling myself to get a bug out bag together but I keep putting it off.

Aside from that the only weapon I’m rocking in my house is some pocket knives but I do have a plan…It involves holding up at an aquarium!

What 3 things do you feel everyone should have to be ready for a survival situation?

The need to live.

Some form of weapon.

A plan for tomorrow.

Who would you want with you if civilized society fell apart?

Just my family. As crazy as they would drive me, I need them by my side. Oh and a country boy, because a country boy can survive.

What 2 books would be in your bug out bag, knowing you would have to read them over and over?

The Outsiders: I love that book. Stay gold pony boy. I’m crying just thinking about it.

Some kind of how to survive the end of the world book. I need all the tips about what berries I can and can’t eat.

If we were thrown into the dark ages what would you miss most?


My answers sound so first world. I love just tossing on a random horror movie and zoning out but I think if we’re in the dark ages then I got a lot more problems than a lack of Netflix.

What is the most surprising fact about you?

Hmm oh I love romantic comedies. The good old 90s ones like serendipity, 100 girls, fools rush in.

Umm how many people do you think is gonna read this?


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Valerie Lioudis is the co-author of Aftershock: A Collection of Survivors Tales available on Amazon.



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