Robert Morganbesser #RenimatedWriters Interview

Amazon Author Page

What are your published works, and what are you working on?

Short Stories:

The Undead – Undead Prometheus

Startling Stories #3 – “Innocence Lost”

Startling Stories – Spring 2009 “Mare Necrosia”

Tales of the Norse Gods – “The Passing of the Gods”, “The Tale of Hrothgar’s Quest”

Zombies in Time and Space – “Le Vivant De Mort Sur Le Somme” (The Living Dead on the Somme”, “League”

Self-published through Amazon, exclusive to Kindle:

Anthology – Tales of a (Mostly) Dead Planet

Anthology – The Passing of the Gods (Science fiction, fantasy and pulp)



Enclave 2: Hunters

I’m currently expanding Undead Prometheus into a novel. I expect to have the first draft finished (hopefully) by the end of this year.

If someone was just hearing about you for the first time what 1 thing would you want them to know?

That I have a very odd sense of humor.

Did you always want to be a writer?

Yes. I wrote my first short story (which I wish I still had) in first grade. Words have always fascinated me. I believe that reading is the most important skill one can have. I did dally with drawing for a while and I’m still a compulsive doodler, but my writing got way better than drawing so it fell by the wayside.

What has been the biggest adventure of your life?

A Tie. Joining the US Coast Guard and living in Alaska for two years, going back to Alaska in 2013 and having the greatest vacation of my life.

If zombie apocalypse were to happen tomorrow would you be prepared?

Honestly, half prepared. I do own an SVU and I have some survival gear. I also keep an eye on the news for odd things. The way the world is today forewarned is forearmed!

What 3 things do you feel everyone should have to be ready for a survival situation?

  1. A bug out bag. 2. Several good knives. Not the kitchen kind, the outdoors kind. You can always use a knife to make another weapon. 3. Some kind of water purification device. Dehydration will kill you faster than hunger!

Who would you want with you if civilized society fell apart?

My wife and my dog.

What 2 books would be in your bug out bag, knowing you would have to read them over and over?

The Lord of the Rings and How Things Work.

If we were thrown into the dark ages what would you miss most?


What is the most surprising fact about you?

That my hard exterior hides a person who likes to talk to (and not down to) children. I find their insights fascinating.



Enclave 2: Hunters

Tales of a (Mostly) Dead Planet

Passing of the Gods

Zombies in Time and Space

Tales of the Norse Gods

Startling Stories Spring 2009

Startling Stories #3

Amazon Author Page

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