Kathy Dinisi #ReanimatedWriters Interview


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What are your published works, and what are you working on?

I currently write in Horror and science fiction.

 If someone was just hearing about you for the first time what 1 thing would you want them to know?

I would tell them to read my zombie series.
Hell Bound,I promise it wont let you down.

 Did you always want to be a writer?

nope, I woke up one day and said “Hey, What if?”

What has been the biggest adventure of your life?

Being a Indie Author has been the biggest adventure of my life. Its a crazy roller-coaster but a fun one.

If zombie apocalypse were to happen tomorrow would you be prepared?

Heck,no! I need weapon’s!

What 3 things do you feel everyone should have to be ready for a survival situation?

Can food, spare gas, a back up plan.

Who would you want with you if civilized society fell apart?

My husband of course!He is in the military.

What 2 books would be in your bug out bag, knowing you would have to read them over and over?

aww,man.Do I have to pick just two?

If we were thrown into the dark ages what would you miss most?

My kindle! I love that silly thing.

 What is the most surprising fact about you?

I get scared easily! But I still love scary movies and books.




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