Useless things I still want when the world as we know it ends.

There are tons of blog posts out there that tell you all the great gadgets you should have in your bug out bag or prepper stash, but this isn’t one of them. This post is dedicated to the useless items I will want after the world ends and there are no more Amazon prime. I am going to list five random things from Amazon that I would want and put them in no specific order below. 

Oh, and these are affiliate links because as an author I need as many revenue streams as possible not to starve.

  1. Deluxe Foot Bath/Massager1.jpgThis thing is ridiculous. It has everything that my tired feet will be begging for after a long day of running from zombies or whatever has ruined our sweet civilization. But, alas, it will be useless. Who wants to carry this thing around everywhere? And clean water being wasted on me feet? No way.

  2. Novelty Socks1 2.jpgMaybe I am on a bit of a foot kick here because I can imagine how much they will bother me, but I know I will miss having cute socks. Yeah, socks are necessary after the world ends, but funny little characters on them? Not so much.

  3. Dark Chocolate1 3Dark chocolate is freaking delicious. I know food is useful and what not, but this bag wouldn’t be. Let me set the scene for you. The world ends and I look outside at everything burning around me. I remember I have a big bag of dark chocolate sitting around, and I eat the entire thing in one sitting. Then, I am sad, and I have a stomach ache.

  4. Weird Simple Old Toys 1 4I don’t know about you, but things like a Jacob’s Ladder, Slinky, or Yo-Yo mesmerize me like a cat is mesmerized by a red dot on a wall. I know in the high stress apocalyptic world, I will miss sitting there and staring at something so hypnotic and simple. Heck, I may go on YouTube and see if I can watch someone playing with one now.

  5. One of those presses that explodes stuff on YouTube 1 5Okay, full disclosure, I have no idea how to use one of these things, but thinking about online videos of monotonous stuff made me think of the crushing videos. If I ever win Powerball my Amazon cart is going to be filled up with random stuff like this, so I figure sitting around the fire at night I will end up missing hydraulic presses, wood chippers, and slow motion cameras.


Well, those are my five random things that I will miss. What weird stuff would you want after the world as we know it ends?


Valerie is an author of a bunch of books. You might want to read them. Maybe not. No pressure. Here’s her Amazon Link.

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