Time for change

Get Lost in Stockholm

Being an indie author has been one of the most amazing experiences of my life.

There are moments, though, that make me second guess every move I have made so far. That cycle of self-doubt/fear can stop me from making moves that I know will push me ahead.

I know many other indies struggle with this, too.

Today, my struggle is letting go.

I love one of my book covers. It is beautiful. I see it as a work of art.


When I had it made, I had no idea that covers tell a reader what kind of book they would be diving into. Simple common sense stuff, right? Nope. It took years for me to figure that out. I thought a beautiful cover was going to sell the book, because… well, because it was beautiful. This led me to not give my cover artist a clear direction.

She made me a GORGEOUS cover. Absolutely, stunning.


Sales have been slooooooooooowwwww.  And, I know it is because the book isn’t dressed in a way that brings my target audience. It’s a weird book. It needs a WEIRD cover.


I made it one.

And, now I need to stop being afraid to let go. I have copies of my book with the beautiful cover. It is time for my book to let his freak flag fly, and find the people that will adore it as much as I adored writing it.

INTRODUCING The Many Afterlives of John Robert Thompson, all dressed up and ready to find people who would enjoy a quirky book about death, a mediocre man, and endless possibilities.

JRT COVER Kindle Ready

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