ReanimatedWriters Undead Head to Head Interviews

undead head to head

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It started with one author and his goal of uniting zombie fiction authors to help each other, and bring fans as much great undead content as possible. It has grown to be so much more, and The Undead Head to Head Interviews on Facebook are just another way to help indie authors and fans connect. Your two hosts are Grivante (The Reanimated Writers Founder) and V. Lioudis (The Second in Command).  Together they hope to bring you interviews with some of today’s best zombie fiction authors.

Ep. 1 Grivante interviews Valerie Lioudis

Ep 2. Valerie Lioudis interviews Julien Saindon


The Reanimated Writers (at least 22 of them) got together to make an anthology. Get your copy here! Undead Worlds 22 Authors. 22 Undead worlds. 1 Great Book.
Do you dare?