Reviews (Good, Bad and Indifferent)

As indie writers our best insight into our craft is through the eyes of the readers, and in some cases (audible) listeners. Reviews are an important way to connect with the audience. This page is as much a resource for myself as it is for you the reader to see if our style will be writing that you enjoy. Listed below is a list of some of the reviews and blogs we have been featured on along with their links.

Aftershock Reviews

“This is a carefully constructed collection of tales written from a survivor’s viewpoint.   A diverse mixture of survivors tells their individual stories – their encounters with the walking dead and the evil living.  The tales are told from the perspective of a female author, a minister, a special needs child, a science experiment gone wrong and more.  Their stories intersect in various places creating delicately woven connections.”

Amies Book Reviews

“This audiobook stands out from other zombie novels because of the author’s incredible character development. There is a priest who has lost his faith. This to me makes him seem more real. In other books of this genre you often see religious characters that are so devout that even the walking dead are unable to shake their faith. Pardon my French, but BULLS**T. How could anyone not question their belief in a higher power when people are returning to ‘life’ after death and are attacking and eating anyone who is not yet infected with the virus?”

Novel Idea Reviews

“The narrator does a fantastic job portraying each of the characters and their adventures and journeys of survival. Kristopher and Valerie Lioudis have created a fantastic apocalyptic story with some unique and memorable characters.”

131 Preview Review

“Right from the first line I knew I was going to be in for an interesting tale to say the least. This is a multi-point perspective of a Zombie Apocalypse told in a series of short bursts. All of the characters having barley gotten away from a total mauling of moaning walking corpses. Even with all of the zombie craziness going on the authors manage to keep some of it light and even humorous. While other portions, particularly the introduction of Max and Rocky are down right heartbreaking. (Yeah I cried like the big girl that I am!) But what do you expect with a tale about a boy and his dog??”

The Many Afterlives of John Robert Thompson Reviews

Amy’s Bookshelf Reviews

IHIBRP Book Review

“5 Star IHIBRP Book Review: “The Many Afterlives of John Robert Thompson” by Valerie Lioudis – A Side-Splitting Foray Into Death & Reincarnation!” Author JB Richards