Zompoc Essentials Recommended by Undead Worlds 2 Authors

Zompoc Essentials Recommended by Undead Worlds 2 Authors The world has gone to hell and there you are with only the stuff you collected over the years to keep you and your family, safe, healthy and entertained. Are you prepared? What if the world fell apart this week? Good thing Amazon has 2 day shipping, … Continue reading Zompoc Essentials Recommended by Undead Worlds 2 Authors

Mike Peirce #ReanimatedWriters Interviews

Mike's Amazon Author Page What are your published works, and what are you working on now? I have two published books on Amazon from the “Red Dirt Zombie” series called “the Battle of Roswell Georgia” and “Grace Before Battle”.  I have the “Alice’s Posse” short in the “ATZ Chronology of the Apocalypse.”  Other published short … Continue reading Mike Peirce #ReanimatedWriters Interviews

Free Comic Book Day 2015

Free Comic Book Day at the Hamilton Mall was a success!  We thoroughly enjoyed the conversation, sights, and events that went on all day long.  Thank you to Level Up Entertainment (http://levelupentertainment.com/ or https://www.facebook.com/levelupentertainment)  and Farpoint Toys (https://www.facebook.com/farpointtoys?fref=ts) for putting on such an amazing event!   Over 3,500 people came out to enjoy a no … Continue reading Free Comic Book Day 2015

Finding our voice

I am happy to announce we have found our voice for our audible version of the book. Right now he is working on putting word to sound file.  I truly believe he can convey the emotions and voices distinct to each character.  More information to follow...

131 Preview Review

Kristopher & Valerie were honored to have their work reviewed by Shannon Hayes of The 131 Preview Review.She has an interesting and unique concept for her book reviews. Shannon only reads the first 131 pages of a book. She also interviews the authors featured in her reviews. She is a pleasure to work with, and … Continue reading 131 Preview Review

Free Comic Book Day

On May 2nd Kristopher & Valerie will be selling signed copies of Aftershock: A Collection of Survivors Tales at the Hamilton Mall in Mays Landing, NJ. Level Up Entertainment is hosting this event. There are going to be comic book illustrators, authors, cosplay costume contest, toy vendors, and a great time. They look forward to … Continue reading Free Comic Book Day

Author: Kristopher Lioudis

Kristopher Lioudis Father of six from the South Jersey Shore, Kris has always had a love for writing, horror and zombie fiction, and absurd, inappropriate humor. He co-wrote his first full-length novel, Aftershock: A Collection of Survivors' Tales, with his total MILF of a wife Valerie. The two now live in the Pine Barrens with … Continue reading Author: Kristopher Lioudis